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January 27, 2005

From the Noded News Room where we barely Noded the news.

  • Movable Type has released version 3.15. No problems upgrading here at Noded.
  • Alton Brown has just signed for 3 more years of Good Eats
  • An Oklahoma State Senator wants the put gloves on roosters that are used in cockfights. I don't want to watch cockfights but it might be interesting watching them try to get the gloves on the roosters. Looking a back on my years as a parent with small kids it's not as easy as it sounds.

Posted by jr at January 27, 2005 08:36 PM | Threads


Upgrade?! *shudder*

Posted by: Kate S. at January 28, 2005 06:54 PM

I'm still a big a fan of Good Eats and Alton Brown. I never found cooking very interesting until he came along with his show.

Posted by: Chris at January 28, 2005 10:08 AM

I still need to upgrade from MT 2.6xxx.


Posted by: :: jozjozjoz :: at January 28, 2005 02:14 AM