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Interesting ThoughtsOn Flickr, Tags, And Other Things

January 28, 2005

I've been uploading a few pictures I've taken with the camera phone to Flickr. I'm not sure what we are accumulating there but it is interesting to be taking part. I joined Flickr last year shortly after meeting some of the principals at eTech, but haven’t got around to doing much until the last week. There is a simple power in the immediacy of capturing an image and posting it to the web from anywhere at any time in very short order. Here is a shot taken in the car wash this evening on my 1 1/2 hour trek to get Chinese Food (don’t ask).

Anyway, the title says something about tags so I better say something. I was just reading a danah boyd post on her take on tagging our online rants, raves, and out of focus pictures. She specifically mentioned the tag “me” which I found rather interesting as I was just following that tag at Flickr a few moments before I read her post.

People smarter than me have been arguing tags and folksonomy and other big words that maybe will get us to the semantic web. Most have a fairly negative attitude on the ability of simple tag to solve some of the semantic problems of this web thing. I tend to be a negative also; among other things tagging is very englishcentric at the moment. But I think we need to give the idea time to see what happens. I think it may morph into something else if we let it. Or die a natural death if it turns out to be a dead end. We just need to let some not so perfect ideas like tagging hang around and get used, abused, changed, retarded, grow, and shine. Hey, we are working with new words like folksonomy which isn’t even in my spell checker.

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